Zim & Zou - Handcrafted Installations

Zim & Zou are 2 french artists based out of Nancy, France. Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann create hand-crafted installations using everyday objects like paper, wood and thread. Every inch is carefully crafted from drawing to cutting and assembling. Both artists have a digital design background but in this digital age they chose to push away the computers and return to paper. While everything in life seems to get more and more automated, it has found true in the importance and usefulness in design. Paper inspires them for its versatility, infinite range of colors and unique textures.

Right now they are showing off their paper-based installations at the Chicago Design Museum April 5th through July 30th 2016. They are apart of a collective of artists highlighting the work of the Chicago design community, but also includes contributions from around the world. Go check them out!