TechLogistics App UX

Anheuser Busch

TechLogistics is a department within IBS-Application Development that creates and executes long-term technology business solutions for ABI. Their goal is to improve the logistics process and maximize savings through work on two types of projects: demand and delivery. Demand projects are either innovations or strategic road mapping projects in need of funding. Delivery projects are funded Demand projects that stakeholders are interested in seeing the progress of. The TechLogistics team speaks to internal and external stakeholders and is in need of a new method to create, share and present project information in a professional manner.

The plan was to create a Tablet 1st, Demand & Delivery Report Presentation App. Capabilities will include: creating, editing, archiving and viewing presentations all living on the Apps landing page. We recommended building this Application for IOS only. We will host the App first on AB’s App Store for Internal users. Independent Wholesalers do not have access to AB App Store. We would then host the IOS App on Apple’s App Store for External users. We also recommend using AB’s Salesforce as the data source to manage content and database, meeting all AB’s security needs and protocol. The data will parse in using JSON from the CMS to the Apps Api. Our team will send App to AB’s Pilot user group for testing and deployment onto AB’s App Store.