City of Sioux Falls Website

City of Sioux Falls

In 2015 The city of Sioux Falls was in need of a new website. The desire would be to create a website as a utility app for the public to use to automate certain tasks like paying a traffic ticket, finding a government based job-board, or even buy/sell/trade.  

Design for Re-usable Components For Sitecore

Every image is in ratio of 300px wide, perfect for mobile and my columns. I wanted to treat all the content as re-usable componsents that we can skin inside of Sitecore and re-use anywhere on the site no matter how many columns we have.

Responsive Tool Box

I wanted to design this site with the intentions that the user would use it as a tool on the go. So I created a Header that would respond as a toolbox for the most important call-to-actions on the site.

The Design

After we worked with the client during the Discovery phase, a major requirement that we faced was to make sure all residents of Siux Falls, no matter the age, can come to the site and easily pay a ticket, report a road condition and find a job. So I created each component easy to use, content specific and I wanted to give the layout enough white space that your eye can digest the content as you scroll down the page.


Here are a few of the unique pages I wireframed. I believe it's important to identify the content first before you start working our the details of design.