Commercial Oven Application


ITW Food Equipment Group LLC and the parent organization of independent companies including Hobart, Traulsen, Stero, Vulcan, Baxter, and Wittco and designs and manufactures commercial equipment for foodservice and food retail customers. We created a touchscreen interface that directly communicates with oven hardware to set heating to cook, broil, bake and braise as needed for a given recipe. Today chefs use this interface in restaurants all over the world including: McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and many others.


Draggable Configurations

After doing the research and building use-cases we found that giving the user the ability to configure temperature, fan speed and calculating browning time, the user can cook with more precision.


Draw a pattern to unlock

The mission was to create an application that a Head Chef of a kitchen could program the recipes for the day and his or her Sous-Chefs could just make a selection no matter if they were cooking prime rib or baking a cake. The Head Chef could create, save and give proper permissions to his/her team all based on a password pattern. It was important to make the elements quick to click on, because most of the time the Sous-Chefs were handling raw greesy food.


HTML5 Database Storage

Every step and every Recipe is stored in HTML5 Local Storage Database throughout the whole process of creating a Recipe. At any point you can go back and edit.