HTML5 Mastering Application

Chris Graham Mastering

Chris Graham commissioned me to create an application that would enhance an MP3 by a click of a button. The functionality of this project in its basic form was two buttons a user can toggle. "Before and After." If the user clicks on either you would instantaneously hear a difference in the masting of sound. Mastering music can be difficult. It takes a sharp ear and many different speaker tones to configure on. Since Chris was an audio-junkie and loved the vintage look of his old head-units. I decided to create a vintage interface for his website. Every elements was hand textured and illuminated. The whole project was designed and illustrated in Adobe Photoshop.

This App shows off the sound!

Chris Graham used this tool to show his customers how much their music audibly improved with his expertise. With his focus on SEO and Google Ad Campaigns he offered to new users a one-time free mix and master on any song the client has in their catelog, hoping to intice them to want more and maybe even a full album.