Automation & Workflow App

Group360 Worldwide

Group360 is a leading global communications firm providing concept-to-consumer marketing solutions for icon consumer packaged goods and retail brands. This process demands an automated workflow from strategy to production. I was asked along with a small team to reconstruct the interface of this system. 

Desktop Drag & Drop File Transfer

We wanted to give the user the abilty to archive and send assets to other team members. So we created a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) that gave the user the abilty to send, archive, and view documents and images.

Mobile Friendly

We first designed the app to be mobile first. Every tool in the dashboard had to process the data inside of a responsive framework.

Account Log-in & Settings

When we discussed the KPI's, one of the features that we knew we had to impliment was everything had to be tracked back onto a labor sheet. So we created user accounts that had role-based permissions so we can isolate projects based on job numbers.