My name is RC.Nelson.
I am a Creative! I love what I do


My name is RC.Nelson. I am a Freelance based UX / UI Interactive Designer, Motion Graphics Animator and Digital Illustrator based in St. Louis, MO.

In 2008 I decided to start my own Interactive Boutique called Schlap! Creative based in Columbus Ohio. In those 5 years I built a ton of relationships, worked endless amounts of hours so the job can be done right and learned how to build success from the ground floor.

Over the last 10 years I obtained a wide range of experience working as a User Based Interactive Designer, Motion Graphics Animator and Digital Illustrator. I am a full-time freelancer that works with Agencies and Brands all over the country. I have experience working on corporate PR Design & Development for clients such as: Hobart, P&G, and AT&T - to designing in the retail / publishing markets such as Limited Brands, Warner Bros., and Simon & Schuster.

In 2014 I decided to change the brand. It's a new year - it's a new era. What use to be the name of my band, and the stage name of my Great Grandfather. "MattiBurns" is rich with talent, passion and history. I've decided to team up with a small group of freelancers that can tackle any project that can be imagined.

We can build Games, Custom Web Applications and Systems. We are also looking to expand our exposure by creating some new apps this year for all mobile devices.

Read below to find out what MattiBurns is.


I come from a long line of entrepreneurs.

The Original MattiBurns

It all started back around the 1930s. My Great Grandfather Matthew Frazetta was just another immigrant who came to America through Ellis Island in New York. He settled in Brooklyn and did whatever he had to do to put food on the table. As far as a profession, he did a lot of things: Pizza shop owner, bootlegger, and even was a low grade bicycle mechanic. One thing he was known for was, he would play gigs around the city as a Tap-dancer. Since he was a little 4'9" Sicilian he had to disguise the fact that he was an immagrant so he decided to plot his stage name as Matti Burns.

Dare to Dream

I truly believe if you put 100% into something, you will get 100% out of it. By DNA I have a natural born hustle. As a kid I was always dreaming about what I will become and how far I can go. At the age of 9 I discovered I had a wild imagination and discovered the talent to draw. Soon after that I learned how to sell my talent to the kids in class for lunch money. I didn't have much, but I had dreams.

Writing Songs & Stories

I was like any other kid, played sports, climbed trees, built ropeswings to fly through the air from the top pf my parents roof. OK, maybe I wont allow my kids to do that, but who knows... I might just join them. I am so fascinated by the classics: Peter Pan, Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of OZ. How do you create a story that circulates the world for so long? A classic story transcends time, technology and culture. I love it! It's truely my dream someday to try to write my very own. I want to read it to my kids and their kids will hear it right before their bedtime.

Traditional Media and Caricatures

I stated my career in 1999 as a Caricature Artist at Six Flags St. Louis for a company based in Minnesota called Richmond Illustrations. It was amazing to be apprenticed and learn from the best for 10 hours a day with some of the best Caricature Artists around the world like: Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine) and Ed Steckley (Cracked Magazine). We used Airbrush and graphite. I love the Airbrush! At first you have to learn the touch and pressure of how much pain comes out bu once you master it, the airbrush becomes an extension of yourself. It's like music. You paint with rhythm.


I Love Music.

As a kid I was fascinated by music. The sound, the feel, the stories. I love watching a band or an artist take on a persona through their style and performance. Someone like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson or David Bowie. They created this image of themselves that a fan gravitates to when listening to their music. I grew up in the late 80's and 90's loving Hip-Hop and all the theatrical aspects that style of music brings to my imagination. I can get lost in it for hours.

Now-a-days I have branched out to a much broader appreciation of all types of music. When I create music it startes with a sound or a feel of dusty drums or how smooth a bassline is. I love that Motown feel. Irecorded my first album (demo EP) in 2004 called Rhytmic Pslams with my friend Ben Barnhardt in Evensville, IN. I wrote the lyrics and music using Fruity Loops and recorded vocals in a soundproof closet using Cubase. Since then I've put out 4 albums: Rhythmic Psalms, Stand, Electric Bobaloo, and The Mad Aventures of MattiBurns. In 2006 I joined forces with a coalition of artists called The Dead Republic in St. Louis, MO. The crew has all went their seperate ways but we still come together from time to time. By 2012 I was signed to a small label based in Columbus, OH called AMA Label Group. See below my full discography on Soundcloud.




If you or the agency you work for needs help, give me a call.